Edinburgh One Project

Edinburgh One Project

Jim Clark Motor Museum

•       Earlier and more accurate visualisations of a design;

•        Greater collaboration of multiple design disciplines;

•       Re-use of BIM data in analysis and design applications to drive design efficiencies;

•       Automatic drawing correction when design changes take place;

•        Ability to extract quantities from design models for use in developing cost plans;

•        Improved co-ordination of design before work starts on site (clash detection etc.);

•        facilitate construction planning and site logistics exercises;

•       Reduction in technical queries during construction due to better design co-ordination and quality of the information provided to site;

•       Efficient response times to design changes or site problems improved;

•       Use of structural database and metrics for building operation and facility management.

Our BIM capability allows us to deliver all the advantages of 3D collaborative modelling on projects using the latest production and collaboration software to enable:

Edinburgh One. Proposed Structural design